About Sue Cowan-Jenssen

I am an integrative EMDR psychotherapist who has worked in London for over twenty years. I am in private practice, working with adults. I also worked part-time for five years at the Trauma Unit of Watford General Hospital.

I have written articles for journals and books and I was a contributor to 'Psychologies' magazine. My writing covers a wide range of issues from how psychotherapy works to understanding the impact of our competitive culture on our sense of self. I have specialised trainings in working with trauma and bereavement. I am an accredited EMDR Consultant and I also have a qualification in Lifespan Integration.

I am a founder member of the Relational School and the London Psychotherapy and Trauma Centre. I have experience of and training in several psychological therapies which have equipped me to work with a variety psychological problems.
There is no one approach that suits all clients nor all problems and so having an integrative approach and a knowledge of different techniques is very helpful. I am recognised for insurance purposes by most health care providers.