About Therapy

It is important to have an initial assessment meeting in order to ascertain whether the therapy and therapist that are on offer are the most appropriate for you. Not all methods nor all therapists suit every client, and the initial meeting is a chance to discuss and assess how you might best be helped. If I or you, do not feel that I am the most suitable therapist then I will suggest alternative referrals.

There are many emotional difficulties that clients bring to therapy, including depression, grief, anxiety, shame, relationship problems, loneliness and a sense of isolation. Clients who have traumatic memories might also have the symptoms of post traumatic stress which can include flashbacks, increased alertness and sleep disturbance. Sometimes the emotions that clients experience can feel very intense and they need to be worked with in a setting and a structure that makes them bearable and resolvable. This is especially necessary where there has been a betrayal of trust, as in sexual,physical or emotional abuse. It is important to establish a strong, respectful relationship in which it is safe to explore difficult and painful feelings.